Series III



Craig is the main character in Watch Over Me III and the story lines unfold around him. The film opens with a car crash scene which is a flashback to an accident that he had some time ago. Craig got into a car with a lad from school called Danny after they had an argument. Danny was the son of his head teacher Susan, and Danny had tried to frame him and accuse him of using drugs. Craig was angry when he got into the car and even though he knew Danny had no driving license and did not own the car he still got into the vehicle. Danny drove too fast and clipped the curb and the vehicle turned over. Craig was injured and had to be cut out of the car by the fire service, but Danny died in the car. The drama sees Craig haunted by the accident and struggling to come to terms with what happened. He is wracked by guilt and finding it hard to forget the night of the accident and the fact that his former head teacher has lost her son. He desperately craves forgiveness and is using drugs to help him forget. This impacts on his ability to hold down a job and on his relationship with his mother, who is running out of ways to help and support him.

When he visits the scene of the accident one night he meets a young girl called Gemma who is obsessed by Danny’s death and the thought of dying and he also sees a group of lads playing football. He makes a life changing decision to put his depression behind him and to try to achieve something positive by starting his own football team.

During the film we see Gemma struggle with her depression and become increasingly isolated, searching out anorexia and suicide web sites on the net. But we see Craig go from strength to strength as he recruits his new football team.

Finding it difficult to make up numbers he recruits a group of players that are far from perfect sporting material. His cousin Luther prefers to eat than to exercise, but gives the team a go. Mohammed is an enthusiastic player, but is juggling his life as a young Muslim boy who has to learn the Koran as well as playing football. Gareth is football mad, but his physique has some of his team mates accusing him of being gay and his brother Noah, who is also persuaded to play, is a musician first and a footballer second! Noah finds himself in trouble when he looks on the internet for friends to share his interest in music. Stubbsy is one of the fittest recruits but with parents who are against immigration, finds it difficult playing in a mixed race team. Ricky is the only real footballer among them, but his arrogant behaviour leads to him leaving the team. Ricky’s girlfriend Janine Daley or JD as she is known ends up being pulled into the line up and the drama sees her exploring her own power as a woman and overcoming past experiences of domestic violence that took place in series two. JD also waves goodbye to her friend Ryan who served a spell in prison after using a replica hand gun to try to defend her against her ex-boyfriend in series two.

Ryan has experienced a tough time in a young offenders institute and has battled with depression and suicidal tendencies while being locked away.

Asma, a young Muslim girl who ran away in series two after her parents tried to force her into marriage, seeks help in this film from a religious leader, the police and also from a charity. She stops living in isolation and afraid of being found by her family and looks into her options to build a safe future.