Series III


Series III – Consequences

The third series is in memory of Damilola Taylor, an 11-year-old boy from London who was stabbed to death in a racist attack.

The drama explores the issue of young people carrying knives and also issues around community cohesion and what makes a safe community. Other story lines touch on how football and sport can be used as a positive activity to divert young people away from the temptations of crime and also how issues around identity and self image can affect our personal safety.

Sex and relationships and making friends online are also a major theme of the drama. The film explores how young people can be pulled into relationships with strangers through the internet which can put them at risk. It also demonstrates the way relationships and peer pressure can affect our safety in vehicles. Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, speaking about road safety in the film, says: “One fact which is often quoted to me is that the biggest killer of teenage girls is their teenage boyfriends driving their cars.”

As well as the main story lines, there are many subtle sub plots that throw up issues around drugs and alcohol, employment, the empowerment of women, teenage depression and suicide and the reality of prison life. The drama gives many opportunities for young people to discuss real life issues through the characters and story lines they see on screen.

The story lines are devised and researched with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and young actors from the NYT play the characters. There is nothing in the drama that goes beyond the real life experiences of young people and they also shape the language and the scripts. The film is of the highest quality so that young people realise that their safety is of the utmost importance to adults. The drama also allows members of the community from the police, fire service and sports world to deliver lessons and join discussions. Self help groups and charities can also contribute to the experience and help teenagers understand where to go if they are in trouble.