A few words on values…

Values are the fundamental beliefs that we hold about what is important …freedom, democracy, kindness, honesty, integrity …are all values and it is vital that our children really understand the fundamental beliefs that those around them hold dear.

Often individuals allow themselves to be led into doing things that they feel ashamed of afterwards simply because they have not taken time to think about what is really important to them and their belief systems. If we look at people who have made fundamental change in the world and a huge success of their lives, they are usually people like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela with a clear sense of what really matters. It is so important for children to work out what really matters for them.

Good values are practised by people worldwide and the values of the emergency services are also nationally and internationally shared. It is important that children meet outside visitors from their community to inspire them to practice good values, but also to see the impact that negative values can have on families, such as the families of the victims of murder.