Welcome to Triple V – Values Versus Violence

Values are the fundamental beliefs that we hold about what is important…freedom, democracy, kindness, honesty, integrity…are all values and it is vital that our children really understand the fundamental beliefs that those around them hold dear.


What makes a safe community?

Extreme behaviour

Who’s in control?

The role of the media

Domestic Violence

This is a short film to support the story line in Watch Over Me Series II.

Domestic abuse or violence is a crime and should be reported to the police – there are also other organisations who can offer you help and support.

Call 999 if it’s


Forced Marriage

Here are two short films which support the story lines of Asma, a character in series II of the Watch Over Me series.


Feature film launched at BAFTA

A Watch Over Me feature film has been launched at BAFTA with an audience of celebrities and young people.

Sarah’s Story – Self-harming

New : Sarah’s Story – A film which uncovers the issues around ‘self-harming’.

Crossing The Line – Bullying in the football world

New – Crossing The Line: The short mini documentary is supported by a powerful football drama and looks at different types of bullying behaviour in the football world. Young footballers in acadamies tell of their experiences.