The short films promote classroom discussion on issues around domestic violence, guns and knives, FGM / child abuse, sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism and promote children’s rights and fundamental British values.

‘Best of British’ (Series IV watch Over Me) - Community tensions, organised crime, radicalisation and extremism …. see trailer below




vvv14Self Worth vvv15Doing the Right Thing vvv16Robbery vvv17Argument
vvv18Sorry vvv19Love? vvv20Weapons vvv21Making Mistakes
vvv22Speaking Up vvv24Stand Your Ground vvv24Relationships vvv25Choices

A programme for schools – Looking@Values vs Violence

These clips are taken from the Watch Over Me series and are intended to be used in conjunction with the Looking@Values vs Violence Journal with one journal for each student. The cost of the programme is £200 per class for 35 journals- please contact us for further information.

vvv01What Are Values vvv02Valuing Yourself vvv03Team Building vvv04Who Helps Form Our Values?
vvv05Forgiveness vvv06Value of Friendship vvv07Verbal Abuse vvv08Gangs
vvv09Threats and Knives vvv10Stop and Search vvv11Internet Friends vvv12Team Work

The films /resources will undoubtedly, help schools comply with the new legislation ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and will give schools evidence that the children are being taught how to stay safe. The school can use this as part of their statutory risk assessment and as evidence for OFSTED that they are preparing children for life.

CLICK HERE to watch a feature-length film which highlights the life of a young teenager who is being radicalised on a run-down housing estate. A story of hope with good triumphing over evil- first screened at BAFTA.